30 fps    XIUHITL : 360 days + 5 nemontemi (the nameless days)      
The  Aztec year consists of  18 months   of  20 days ( plus 5 nameless days; the nemontemi ).
Accumulative Days of the animation reach 360,   the
Xiuhpohualli disconnects and the count halts for the nameless days and restarts 5 days later.   The day on the Tonalpohualli at which 1 Cipactli falls is the designation for the New Year.   Press the START button to commence animation.  The count is set to stop
automatically at 360 days. Thereafter, for each click of START button the count advances by one day.   Advance the count by 6 days and watch what happens.   Press browser Reload button to reset.           
  This animation program is written in Adobe Flash Actionscript.  The file size is 200K and downloads accordingly.      

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