Animation of  Native Time-keeping System follows the concepts as explained in the illustration reprint directly below. The basis for this meshing-gear interpretive representation is derived from Diego Duran's eyewitness statements and so configured to produce similar results.  The icon that is refered to as the Aztec Calendar is in fact from Toltec science arriving at Tenochtitlan from Cholula in 1375, originating from Teotihuacan before that. It is the calendar of the Fifth Sun, whose days were counted in darkness. It began when two self-sacrificing human messengers were transformed into spirits and woke up the sun and moon, thus saving the Earth.


      AZTEC CALENDAR Animated    
The Logical Method of this animation fully accounts for specific workings of the basic time-keeping
scheme for pre-Columbian Native America.  Shows dynamics of how two calendars worked as one.     

    This animation program is written in Adobe Flash Actionscript.  The file size is 200K and downloads accordingly.      


Press the START button to see the Native counting mechanism in action. Press the STOP button anytime and re-START anytime to understand glyph management and the year designation scheme.
Press browser Reload button to reset. The animation frame speed is one frame
-per-second or
[ 1 fps ]
  If you  want to go faster:
          Go directly to: NEMONTEMI - [ 30 fps ]             Go
directly to: XIUHMOLPILLI - [ 120 fps ]
                :     Animation programming based on material from Aztec Calendar Handbook